SC EXPERT TRADE sells a wide range of products for leading companies such as:

Avantor Materials - Holland
SC EXPERT TRADE is exclusive distributor in Romania for Avantor Materials selling laboratory reagents and chromatography products. For details please check www.avantormaterials.com

  • Volumetric Solutions
  • Primary Standards
  • Buffer Solutions
  • HPLC Solvents and Reagents
  • Low Water Solvents
  • Ultra Resi-Analyzed Solvents
  • BakerBond SPE
  • Hydra Point for Karl Fischer water analyse without piridine
  • Neutralize Reagents

    ALFA AESAR - Germany (www.alfa.com)
  • Over 15.000 high purity anorganic substances
  • Over 11.000 high purity organic substances
  • Precious metal compounds and catalysts
  • Metallo-organic standards
  • Aqueous solutions and related accessories
  • Standards for petroleum products
  • PH Buffer Solutions
  • Infrared spectroscopy products
  • Indicators
  • Equipment: magnetic susceptibility balances, hydrogen purifiers, spectrophotometeres, demonstration kits

    LIPOMED - Switzerland (www.lipomed.com)
  • Reference standards for medicine
  • Drug standards

Expert Trade is the exclusive distributor on the Romanian market for reference standards and drug standards.

    ALBET-HAHNEMUEHLE (www.albet-hahnemuehle.com) - Spania, specializing in filtration and separation technology:
  • Quantitative filter papers: ashless, hardened
  • Qualitative filter papers: general use, low ash, hardened
  • Absorbant papers, protective papers and reams
  • Microfibre filters: glass microfibre filters, quartz microfibre filters
  • Thimbles : cellulose thimbles, glass microfibre thimbles, quartz microfibre thimbles
  • Special filter papers: low nitrogen, phase-separation, active carbon
  • Specialities: ph indicator paper, paper for cytocentrifuges, weighing paper and boats
  • Membrane filters: cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, regenerated cellulose, nylon etc

    SCHOTT - Germany (www.schott.com)
  • Laboratory glassware
  • Bottles
  • Desiccators
  • Test tubes
  • Glassware for microbiology
  • Volumetric glassware
  • Interchangeable glassware
  • Products for manipulators

    GFL - Germany (www.gfl.de)
  • Deep freezers
  • water baths
  • shaking water baths
  • water stills
  • shaking incubators
  • shakers
  • rotating shakers

    KARTELL - Italy (www.kartelllabware.com)
  • General purpose labware
  • bottles and accessories
  • graduated and volumetric plasticware
  • microscopy and microbiology
  • filtration and vacuum pumps
  • clamps and supports
  • accessories for pipettes
  • test tubes
  • hospital ware
  • fluorware.

    International Products Corporation - United Kingdom
  • manufacturing specialty cleaners and lubricants. For detailes visit website (www.ipcol.com)

    Schaefer - Italy
  • offers atomic force microscopes and equipments for characterisation and testing surface and materials and products for the measurement of nanoparticle, vacuum, gas flow etc. For more details please visit (www.schaefer-tec.eu)

    Hamamatsu Photonics - Japan
  • manufacturing and marketing of optical sensors, photomultiplier tubes, image intensifiers and processing systems, optical measurement systems. The entire range of products can be found on (www.hamamatsu.com)

    QuinTech - Germany
  • supplier of fuel cell products: test systems, impedance spectroscopy, humidification systems etc. Details on (www.quintech.de)
    Micros - Austria
  • supplier of equipments for various fields of applications from medical field, veterinary laboratories, educational field: digital microscopes, polarization microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, imaging microscopes etc. Details on (www.micros.at)

Large diversity of products and limited space of this presentation determine us to mention the possibility of failure of products that could be subject to your interest. Financial offers, technical details, catalogs, will be provided in the shortest time to your requests.

Thank you for your amiability to consult our offer and hope for a future collaboration.

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